Simple Tricks To know if your egg is rotten!

Simple Tricks To know if your egg is rotten!

Has your egg been sitting on the counter for far too long and you are afraid it has gone bad?
Well. It’s always a bit of mystery, isn’t it? To identify if the egg is rotten or not

Here is indeed a TESTED AND EASY METHOD  to identify if your egg is good to go before cracking it open.


•    Fill your bowl with cold water and place your eggs in it.
•    If it sinks to the bottom on it’s side, it’s a perfectly fresh egg.  
•    If it stands in an upright position at the bottom of the bowl. They are a few weeks old and perfect for a hard-boiled egg.
•    If the egg floats on the surface of the water, they have gone bad and DO NOT use such eggs.


If you already cracked an egg and then thinking about if it’s safe to eat, try on this technique.
•    If it's fresh, the yolk should be bright yellow or orange, and the white shouldn't spread much
•    If it’s not, the white spreads out a lot.
•    You can also sniff your eggs, fresh eggs don’t have any smell at all.
•    Even slightly rotten eggs will have a very strong, distinct smell you'll notice right away.

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