7 Foods To war off Depression !

7 Foods To war off Depression !

The millennial ways of living has led us to times where more than half of the population suffers from depression.

Be it the excessive workload, stress or the hormonal issues, depression can be battled off with certain food items,here are list of 10 food items which can help you do the same .

1-    Dark Chocolate- Yes! Dark Chocolate contains flavonoids, which are responsible to put you in a good mood.
2-    Sweet Potatoes- The carotenoids In sweet Potatoes are responsible for warding off depression.
3-    Bananas- According to recent studies,  an amino acid in bananas is what keeps depression away.
4-    Nuts- Mostly all nuts and dried fruits like almonds, raisins, apricot contain high levels of amino acids and antioxidants to give you a “Happy Mood” all day.
5-    Turkey- Holiday season is upon us, and even though Christmas is itself enough to fight off depression, you should feed yourself with a good helping of turkey.
6-    Salmon- The tastiest of fish, it is high in Vitamin D, which is linked with low levels of depression.
7-    Oysters- A rich source of Zinc, oysters are very important in normal immune system functioning which keeps diseases at bay and hence depression.

A very happy holiday season to you all and make sure to load up on these healthy food items to keep fighting off depression like a pro. !

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