All About Child's Nutrition

All About Child's Nutrition

Nutritious food plays a very important role in your child’s development and it is a mammoth task for parents since a long time all around the globe to deliver tasty nutritious food to kids.

Listed here are some of the options which not only will you love making for kids
but will be equally enjoyed by them.

  • Soups- Varieties of home- cooked freshly made soups such as sweet potato and lentil soup, creamy tomato soup, mix vegetable soup are packed with nutrients and serving them with toast siders, vegetable provides an added benefit.
  • Omelets- Probably the most easy to make, omelets are storehouses for nutrients. While whipping add a lot of veggies to make it more interesting and healthy for kids.
  • Tortilla pizzas- Tricking children with the appearance and name of this dish, you can make them eat healthy tortilla bases topped with vegetable salsa and cheese which will salivate your kid’s mouth in a same way as a pizza but would keep them away from processed sauces and breads.
  • Homemade hummus and pita dips- Whole wheat pita breads and healthy dips including proteinaceous beans, curd, cheese, tomatoes will definitely provide nutrients to kids and would give them a break from normal chapatis and vegetables.
  • Smoothies- Keeping kids away from artificially flavored sugar drinks are one of the main concerns of parents. Fresh fruit smoothies with whipped cream and garnished with thinly sliced fruits is the smarter and tastier way to go.

To match a child’s fast metabolism and growth, it is imperative to include proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and vitamins in a kid’s diet which is rarely found in processed and packed foods, so it is very essential to prepare home-cooked meals integrating all the natural goodness of the ingredients.

-by suhani

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